Deadly Adagio

Was the murder of the Peace Corps Director’s wife in Senegal just random anti-American violence, as the official investigative team seems to think?

Emily suspects it may have been something else.  She ignores everyone’s warnings that she’s putting her life in danger to find out.

But it turns out they’re right.

“Anyone who loves Susan Isaacs mysteries will love Deadly Adagio, a funny, closely-observed mystery about a musician who has to solve her own mysteries of the heart in order to face a life turned upside down by murder.”

Ronna Lichtenberg, former contributing editor for “O,” the Oprah Magazine, and author of Pitch Like a Girl: How a Woman Can Be Herself and Still Succeed.

“The intrigue alone in Deadly Adagio makes it unforgettable.  Combined with Howard’s powerful emotional compass and precise writing, however, the novel is positively intoxicating.”

Judy Pedersen, author of When Night Time Comes Near

“In this suspenseful and intelligent first mystery, Howard brings to life the tension and intrigues in the American community in Senegal as it deals with the brutal murder of one of its own.  The exotic setting, the threat posed by clashing cultures, and the engaging Emily Radly, who finds her own life in danger when she refuses to accept easy answers, makes for a compelling read.”

Anita Page, author of Damned if You Don’t

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