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SHVcoverFINALNot exactly a travelogue, not exactly a memoir, TALES OF A SILVER-HAIRED VOLUNTEER: Going Far and Giving Back tells the stories behind my five post-retirement volunteer assignments in the developing world.  That may sound pretty serious – and some of it is – but wait til you read about:

How my craving for cheese in Thailand might have gotten me in trouble with the King.

The Senegalese hut I thought a wolf could easily huff and puff and blow down ….. only to realize it was a kind of palace.

Visiting a sex-worker hangout in Ghana and insisting to one of the workers that my husband wasn’t available.

Then again, the work was pretty important:

Introducing irrigated agriculture to a village at the edge of the Sahara

Protecting the mountain gorillas of Uganda and those who lived near them.

Increasing the number of Namibian orphans who could be cared for.

Working with teens on matters of sex ed, AIDS prevention, and gender identity.

Reducing the spread of HIV/AIDS among Ghanaian sex workers.

The trips were stimulating in the extreme. And just as much fun. Not only did I play a small role in helping to change others’ lives, I played a major role in changing my own, for the better!

Read a short, sparkling review in Chronogram magazine.  (“Risk-taking and adventure are neatly laid out with a humorous voice and humanitarian theme in the memoir.”)

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