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RevealBottomLayerSeen from the outside in About Face, Ruth seems to have it all: a high-powered career, happy marriage and family. But her inner Peace-Corps-Volunteer is hollering to be let out.

When she bumps into Vivian, her long-lost friend and former hut-mate, she realizes how different she is from the person she used to be and wonders if she’s lost part of herself—the best part—in her quest for “the perfect life.” Her internal tug of war gathers steam and knocks her seemingly perfect urban life out of kilter.

“You’re going to love Ruth Talbot, a 50-something cosmetic executive, who is engaged in a fiery power struggle with her new  boss, and has a younger co-worker yearning for her job and willing to do almost anything to undermine her.”

You’ll find the first chapter of About Face on this website, in a few pages.  And you can buy it here.



DA CoverDeadly Adagio is a murder mystery set in West Africa in the 1990’s. Emily is the feisty wife of a U. S. Foreign Service Officer.  She knows she doesn’t want to be the good little Embassy wife, she knows she wants to play the violin in the amateur expat orchestra, but that’s about all she knows.  Until her friend is murdered, that is.

“Anyone who loves Susan Isaacs mysteries will love Deadly Adagio, a funny, closely-observed mystery about a musician who has to solve her own mysteries of the heart in order to face a life turned upside down by murder.”

You can read the first chapter here.  And you can buy it in print here.  Or as a Kindle here or a Nook here.


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